Precision for a wide range of applications

Hydraulics for crane construction

MBS Hydraulik's products meet the highest standards. This is guaranteed by high-quality materials from selected suppliers and state-of-the-art CAD technology, and above all by our experienced staff and continuous quality control. MBS Hydraulik products are currently used in many different areas.

Hydraulics for materials-handling, lifting and transport technology

MBS Hydraulik manufactures special hydraulic products for conveying and lifting technology. All safety-relevant elements are already integrated in the hydraulic product.

Hydraulics for vehicle construction

Hydraulic products in automotive engineering, in particular, are exposed to all types of stress. Perfectly adapted to your automotive technology, MBS Hydraulik's products considerably enhance efficiency and operating convenience, for example with end of stroke damping.

Hydraulics for mechanical engineering

Hydraulic products for mechanical engineering must offer precision, strength and durability. MBS Hydraulik's products guarantee a high number of cycles and high frequency to ensure problem-free, profitable operation of your machines for a long time.

Hydraulics for special tasks

Tough applications require specific product properties. MBS Hydraulik will find solutions to meet the toughest applications, such as extreme environmental conditions. Corrosion protection, special seals at high temperatures and fluids and fitted control valves are only a few of the possibilities for adapting hydraulic products to your exact requirements.

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vehicle construction

truck-mounted/loading cranes

plastics technology

disposal technology

drilling technology